Zesco W i l l Represent Camar Inert Gas Systems Division

Zesco Inc. of Houston has been named factory representative for Camar Corporation's Inert Gas Systems Division. Zesco president J.D. Vacek, vice president Cy Turner, and head engineer Brown Milstead met with Camar Corporation president and general manager James A. Mercanti recently to discuss design and contract responsibilities. These include sales, supervision of installation, and follow-up service. "Zesco will provide an owner with a 'turn-key' job," said Mr. Vacek.

"With the IGS deadline of June 1, 1981 growing close, many shipowners are waiting until the last minute before taking action, thus many will be hard-pressed at the deadline," Mr. Vacek said. Mr. Turner emphasized that proper installation, operation, and service are as important for the safeguard of the crew and cargo as the inert gas system itself.

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