Promet Y a r d In Singapore Launches Jackup Barge

promet y a r d in singapore
launches jackup barge

Promet Pte. Ltd., one of the largest international engineering contracting companies in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, recently launched the self-propelled, jackup type well service barge Carl Fleming at its shipyard in Jurong, Singapore.

Christening of the barge was performed by Mrs. Wilbur Wilson, wife of the regional manager of Otis Engineering Corporation, owner of the barge.

The vessel, 110 feet long, 50 feet wide and 10 feet deep, consists of a sophisticated floating/elevating unit containing the propulsion and jacking machinery and other allied equipment, and supplies necessary for the well service operation. Three 205-foot, tubular elevating legs provide the supporting foundation while the barge is in the operating or jacked-up position.

The propulsion system consists of four General Motors diesel engines of 360 bhp each to position the barge at existing well platforms and to seek shelter at approximately 10 mph when warned of an approaching storm.

Built under American Bureau of Shipping Classification as Class A-l Vessel for Coastwise Service and Gulf of Mexico, the vessel is capable of operating in a water depth of 130 feet with a 30-foot air space between bottom of upper hull and the water surface. The well service barge is versatile in terms of performance. Besides testing and maintenance of wells, the unit executes repairs and maintenance of offshore platforms and pipelines. It is also equipped for firefighting. Two barge-mounted cranes enable it to perform heavy lifts.

Promet Pte. has, since its inception in 1971, constructed many different types of barges for specific uses. These include jacket launching barges, semisubmersible drilling barges, salt transportation barge, jackup derrick barge, pipe-laying barge, and self-elevating accommodation barge.

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