Offshore Seminar To Be Held Feb. 4-8 In Houston, Texas

The Houston,Texas-based ETA Offshore Seminars, Inc. (ETAOS) has scheduled a seminar session for February 4-8, 1974, in Houston. ETAOS has presented six previous training- seminars for the offshore industry on an international scale. The seminars, aimed at updating experienced personnel or training new men for offshore service, have attracted participants from many countries. Representatives from over 30 oil companies, drilling contractors and operators, vessel designers and builders, product/service suppliers, engineering firms, and pipeline companies have completed the comprehensive five-day seminar.

The ETAOS Seminars zero in on the theory, selection, and operation of offshore drilling, completion, and production equipment.

Company executives, engineers, toolpushers, and trainees attending the ETAOS Seminars are presented with 'the latest technology in offshore drilling, completion, and production. The seminar presentations cover topics ranging from basic oceaneering to detailed techniques for drilling and producing in deeper and more hostile waters. As ETAOS president Ralph G.

McTaggart points out, the speakers represent vital segments of the offshore industry and are leading experts in their fields. The speakers and topics are carefully selected so that the seminar presentations cover a broad spectrum of the offshore industry.

ETAOS is also planning future seminars to be held in Houston, Singapore, London, and Stavanger. For further information, contact Ralph G. McTaggart, president, ETA Offshore Seminars, Inc., 4140 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77027, or call (713) 621-0072.

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