Neorion Yard Expands Its Gritblasting And Coating Facilities

Wesley D. Wheeler Associates of New York City has announced that Neorion Shipyards Syros Ltd. and Peiniger GmbH have formed a joint venture company, NEPECOR, to offer shipowners internal gritblasting and coating facilities at Neorion Shipyard, which is on the island of Syros, Greece, a Mediterranean crossroads near the Suez Canal and the Dardenelles.

Shipowners will now be able to utilize Neorion's ship repairing expertise combined with Peiniger's extensive experience in the coating field. Resident manager of the new company is R. Simmel, who has wide coating experience with Peiniger.

Among the major equipment to be available at the shipyard are three Munkebo abrasive recovery units, four Munters dehumidifiers, and six ventilators. A bulk handling system for the grit is being installed, and sheds will be built to handle the gritblasting and coating of new steel, pipes, hatch covers, etc.

NEPECOR recently was awarded two contracts each involving 40,000 square meters of internal blasting and coating for a major U.S.-based oil company. The Wheeler firm is exclusive agent in the United States for the Neorion yard.

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