Multi-Purpose Freighters To Be Built By Seebeck

Seebeckwerft AG of Bremerhaven, West Germany, has received orders to build two 3,000-ton multipurpose freighters for two shipping companies in Leer. The vessels are of a new ship-type developed by the Seebeck shipyard in conjunction with their clients. The basis of this new construction is the ECO-type vessel, which was developed by Seebeck, with three being delivered to date. Three other ECO-type ships are on order from the yard.

The order of the two small multipurpose freighters follows a recent order for two jumbo-ferry ships for the TT-Saga Line (each of 30,000 gt and with a total value of approximately $95.4-million).

The multi-purpose freighters destined for Leer will be strengthened for heavy-lift cargo and will be fitted for the carriage of containers. They will have space for 244 TEUs. With the combination of the multi- purpose freighters and the ECOfreighters, Seebeck has set foot in a ship-class sphere which was previously the domain of the Rickmers shipyard.

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