Lockheed Offshore Systems Opens Houston Branch Office

Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. announced that a branch office in Houston, Texas, has been opened for its Offshore Sy°+ems & Services organization.

Named as manager of the new office at North Belt Place Three, 340 North Belt East, is James E. Lucas. Prior to assuming his new post, Mr. Lucas was with Lockheed Petroleum Services as operations manager. William A. Smith, manager of Lockheed Offshore Systems & Services office in Sunnyvale Sunnyvale, Calif., said the group is presently engaged in contracts with numerous major oil companies in the development of hardware, feasibility studies, innovative conceptual and preliminary design, and project management services. The Houston office will enable experienced Lockheed engineers and offshore operations personnel to work closely with the petroleum industry to solve complex offshore problems.

Lockheed Missiles & Space Company's Ocean Systems organization, the parent organization at Sunnyvale, has broad experience on hardware systems in the ocean, Mr. Smith said, including the initial development and operation of a unique one-atmosphere subsea completion and production system, design, fabrication and operation of a deepocean mining system capable of seafloor operations to 18,000 feet, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, oil-spill cleanup equipment and several deep-diving submersibles, including the Deep Quest and U.S. Navy's Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles.

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