Levingston Launches Jackup Drilling Rig For Dixilyn-Field

levingston launches jackup
drilling rig for dixilynfield

Levingston Shipbuilding Company has launched the Dixilyn- Field 87 (shown above) at its shipyard in Orange, Texas. The triangular shaped, Levingston designed Class 111-C jackup drilling rig is 200 feet by 186 feet by 23 feet.

When this self-elevating drilling platform is completed, it will have three f o u r - c h o r d , square truss legs that will be 414 feet tall. These sturdy legs will allow the vessel to drill in 300 feet of water to a drilling depth of 25,- 000 feet. One of the customer requirements of this rig is that it be capable of operating in temperatures of minus 20 degrees centigrade, and withstand winds of up to 125 mph and seas of 50 feet.

Accommodations are available for 80 people and the rig is equipped with two galleys and two messrooms. It will meet the requirements of the United States Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping.

Dixilyn-Field is a major operator of land rigs as well as offshore vessels, and has been in business 25 years. This worldwide company, based in Houston, is a subsidiary of Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company with headquarters also in Houston.

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