Two Belgian Yards Merge —Jackson And Marepcon Are U.S. Representatives

Two of Europe's important and w e l l - k n o w n repair yards have merged recently. Mercantile Marine Engineering and Graving Docks Company N.V., and Beliard Murdoch S.A., both of Antwerp, have consolidated into one company.

Mercantile-Beliard will own and operate eight private drydocks f o r vessels up to 200,000 dwt. Recent developments have indicated that a new and competitive climate for ship repairing in Antwerp is in the making. Against competition f r om 21 yards in Europe and the United States, Mercantile was just awarded a U.S.

gas tanker (140,000 dwt) for inert gas system and crude oil washing installations, t o g e t h er with annual repairs.

Modern facilities located strategically in busy Antwerp harbor, combined with Belgian engineering expertise, should make Mercantile- Beliard a formidable force in the North Europe ship repairing picture.

Mercantile-Beliard will be represented in the United States by Jackson Marine Corporation and Marepcon Corporation, both of New York City.

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