New Tube-Cleaning Unit Announced By Goodway —Literature Available

With the high cost of energy it has become more important than ever to clean tubes in condensers and heat exchangers on a regular schedule. Goodway Tools Corporation has developed the Ream- A-Matic machine f e a t u r i n g an electric motor that turns a flexible shaft inside a nylon casing and ejects a water jet at the cleaning tool. This keeps the cutting tool or brush clean at all times and flushes out loosened deposits. The flexible shaft incorporates a quick disconnect coupling and can be supplied in various sizes to clean tubes from 5/16 to 1 inch in diameter and up to 100 feet long.

Goodway's new Model RAM-3 detaches from the dolly and has a handle for carrying into tight areas. The motor is turned on and off by a footswitch, and a solenoid valve is activated to provide automatic water feed. The self-contained Ream-A-Matic requires no special skills, and can be handled easily by one man, cleaning from one end only with a minimum of space needed.

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