Freeport Shipbuilding Delivers Aluminum Research Vessel

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Freeport Shipbuilding, Freeport, Fla., delivered a 163-ft. (49.6-m), 32-knot aluminum monohull research vessel, which was designed by DeJong & Lebet — marking DeJong's entrance into the high-performance workboat field.

This new design is a milestone in establishing DeJong & Lebet as a designer of high-performance workboats. The vessel was designed with three soft mounted MTU/DDC 16V 4000 propulsion engines each rated at 2,380 hp at 2,100 rpm, each driving a Hamilton model 811 waterjet. The drive train between the engines and jets consists of remote, hard mounted ZF model BW755 reverse/reduction gear coupled to the engines through a flexible Centa coupling. Cardan shaft assemblies manufactured by Driveline complete the link between the gears and waterjets, thus resulting in a high speed, low vibration vessel.

Constructed from aluminum, the less than 300 gt vessel has an ABS unlimited loadline, and is fitted with a Hydra-Pro model 40/18K hydraulic pedestal crane with a capacity of 18 LT, at 10 ft. and 4 LT at 40 ft. The helo deck, designed to handle a 6,000-lb. helicopter also provides shelter for two 20 x 8 ft. scientific modules.The monohull is also equipped with two tender vessels, a 28-ft. (8.5-m) aluminum Packman jet drive landing craft — built by Munson Manufacturing. The second tender is a smaller RIB type vessel.

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