PA Series Heavy Fuel Diesel Now Available From Fairbanks Morse

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—Literature Available The PA Series of "V" and in-line diesel engines now being offered by Fairbanks Morse lend themselves to a wide range of marine propulsion and other power requirments. The engines, ranging in size from six to 20 cylinders, have a horsepower range from 1,000 to 10,000 horsepower and can burn available residual fuels for maximum operating economy.

The PA engine series, a development of Alsthom and S.E.M.T. Pielstick has achieved worldwide acceptance for marine requirements since their introduction in 1950. Over 6,000 units are presently in service. Throughout their operating history they have achieved an enviable record for low fuel consumption over their entire power range and have a record of long service life between major overhauls.

In support of the PA Series, Fairbanks Morse offers complete engine operation and maintenance training in its customer training school in Beloit, Wis. In addition, spare parts and complete engine service is also available throughout all Fairbanks Morse Service and Parts Centers.

With the addition of the PA Series of engines, Fairbanks Morse now offers one of the widest ranges of diesel engines for marine applica- tion from a single U.S. engr'ne builder with a horsepower range from 600 to 29,200.

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