New Scanning Pyrometer For Diesel Temperatures —Literature Available

National Marine Service has introduced a scanning pyrometer, which is a basic tool to help the operating engineer maintain full power and fuel economy while minimizing downtime by scanning diesel engine cylinder temperatures automatically. This scanning pyrometer can be used for single- or twin-engine installations, and can display up to 40 individual zone t e m p e r a t u r e s. Zone enable xdisable selection allows continuous use of the system even when one thermocouple has failed. Isolated alarm outputs are available for high temperature and temperature deviation.

On-site programming of zones enabled, alarm limits, thermocouple type, scan time, second engine scan, and degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit is standard. Simple 2-wire, party line remote displays are optional. The National Marine automatic scanning pyrometer meets the reduced engine room manning regulatory body requirements for diesel cylinder temperature monitoring.

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