Mitsubishi Introduces Latest Diesel Engine At New York Seminar

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. of Tokyo recently conducted a seminar and a reception at The Nippon Club in New York City to introduce to the American market its newly developed UE-LA Series of extralong- stroke marine diesel engines.

Attendees included management personnel from shipowning companies, shipyards, classification societies, and other firms.

Mitsubishi executives who addressed the seminar included: F.

Sasaki, managing director; H. Fujita, general manager, Diesel Division, Power Systems Headquarters; R. Tsuneya, chief engineer, Diesel Engine Engineering Department; and K. Tayama, assistant chief engineer, Diesel Engine Engineering Department. Opening remarks were made by S. Kitamura, president of Nissho Iwai American Corporation. With a specific fuel consumption in the economy rating of 119 grams per brake horsepower hour (116.5 for a derated engine) for the largest model in the Series, Mitsubishi claims that the new UE-LA offers the lowest sfc for engines of their type. In addition to the low fuel rate other main features of the UE-LA engine line include high propeller efficiency, high reliability, low-quality fuel compatibility, easy maintenance, and compact design. The UE engine is the only low-speed diesel developed in Japan.

The four models in the LA Series are each available in four- to eightcylinder versions. The largest engine in the Series, the UEC60LA, has a bore of 600 mm and stroke of 1,900 mm, and has a maximum continuous output of 2,100 bhp per cylinder at 110 rpm. The UEC52LA has a 520-mm bore and 1,600-mm stroke, with an output of 1,600 bhp per cylinder at 133 rpm. The UEC45LA model has a bore of 450 mm and stroke of 1,350 mm; output is 1,200 bhp per cylinder at 158 rpm. The fuel consumption for these three models has been reduced 5 g/ bhph compared with the former L Series.

The UEC 37LA is the smallest engine in the Series, with a bore of 370 mm and stroke of 880 mm. Its output is 700 g/bhph at 210 rpm. Fuel consumption for this model has been cut to 129 g/bhph at maximum rating and 126 g/bhph at economy rating.

For all of the LA Series engines Mitsubishi quotes what it calls "capable minimum fuel consumption rates." These range from the abovementioned 116.5 g/bhph for the 60LA model to 123.5 g/bhph for the 37LA.

The Mitsubishi UEC-LA diesel engines appear to have excellent performance capabilities, high reliability, and economy and should see widespread use as the main propulsion engines for bulk carriers, tankers, OBO carriers, containerships, multi-purpose ships, and many other types of vessels.

Mitsubishi now has available four full color brochures describing the UE-LA diesels in complete detail. One of these informative books contains 20 pages and includes photos, technical data, specifications tables plus several large fold-out pages with full color cut-away illustrations of an engine and a turbocharger. For free copies of the UE-LA brochures,

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