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Carboline Subsidiary

Publishes New Guide

On Protective Coatings

Admiral Paint Company, subsid- iary of Carboline Company, St. Lou- is, Mo., has released a new 45-page illustrated Protective Coating Guide specifically devoted to coating rec- ommendations for barges, work boats and motor vessels on coastal and inland waterways.

Coating recommendations are giv- en for hulls, decks, interior spaces and rudders on tugs and work boats.

Barge recommendations include sys- tems for barge b®ttoms, sides and rakes, deck piping and equipment, voids and tank linings.

Technical Data Sheets on 18 sepa- rate products are included along with a partial list of Admiral users and a color chart.

This comprehensive Protective

Coating Guide for barges, work boats and motor vessels is available to engineering design companies, naval architects, shipyards, owners and all personnel concerned with marine cor- rosion control. Copies may be ob- tained by writing Admiral Paint

Company, subsidiary of Carboline

Company, 328 Hanley Industrial

Court, St. Louis, Mo. 63144.

Nippon Kokan Plans

Computer Controls

For New Supertanker

An advanced computer-aided control system will be featured in a 259,000-dwt supertanker whose keel has just been laid at Tsu Ship- yard of Nippon Kokan (NKK),

Japan's only integrated shipbuild- er-steelmaker-fabricator.

Hiroo Ikematsu, NKK's New

York shipbuilding department manager, said computer control will be applied in the mammoth ship's anti-collision radar, speed measurement equipment, automat- ic chart position plotter, and boil- er monitoring. Application of the monitoring system to a turbine ship will be the first ever attempted in japan.

Scheduled for delivery in March 1972, the vessel will be equipped with OKITAC 4300 central com- puter unit with 16 kilo-word capac- ity of fixed memories and required accessories for data processing and calculation.

The system was developed joint- ly by Showa Shipping Co., Ltd., owner of the vessel; NKK, and

Oki Electric Industry Co. Its pri- mary purpose is to assess efficiency during normal vessel operations.

The radar installation will in- clude an anti-collision indicator/ digital display, 3 cm/5 cm micro- wave transmitting-receiving unit, and antenna. The anti-collision in- dicator will be provided with an automatic alarm which rings when other vessels come into the pre-set "warning ring."

Other vessels will be manually tracked on the radar unit. If de- sired, collision danger assessment can be easily and rapidly enacted with computer-assistance and nec- essary target indicated on the dis- play panels.

Ship's speed will be measured by a Doppler sonar system which cal- culates speed relative to sea bot- tom. Especially designed to meas- ure very low speeds, the unit is particularly effective as a naviga- tion aid in ports or narrow waters.

Automatic chart plotter will con- tinuously provide accurate calcula- tions of estimated position on an optically projected chart by inte- grating ship's speed signals from the Doppler sonar equipment. This will enable operating personnel to immediately see the geographical position of the ship.

The boiler monitoring system is concentrated on this most impor- tant equipment in the engine room turbine plant. Scanning watch of primary measuring points will sig- nal any abnormal condtion in boil- er operations. Location and cause of any trouble will be indicated by the computer system. Another computer function is to monitor turbine plant operating conditions and efficiency levels in order to de- velop more effective operations.

Main particulars of the vessel are: length overall, 1,087.60 feet; length between perpendiculars, 1,- 030.18 feet; breadth molded, 179.79 feet; depth molded, 86.61 feet; draft, 67.26 feet, and gross tonnage, 133,000. Her main engine is a tur- bine with an output of 36.000 shp x 85 rpm developing a service speed of 15.8 knots.

Snnson D I) RAM AX MARINE PRODUCTS the "precision engineered" group

U.S. Patent No. 3,236,570; 3,317,254; 3,407,779 and other

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending





Special formulated hard rubber replaces bronze shell or metal backing on staves, thereby elimi- nating special machined or dovetailed housings.

For V-Strut, Stern Tube, Rudders and Cutter

Head Shafts in sizes from 4 inches to 48 inches.




This completely machinable non-metallic bear- ing is molded from a nitrite composition specially formulated with enough resiliency to withstand and dampen high shock and impact loads.

Features internal lubricant (grease and/or water) grooves the full length of the bearing.

It resists swelling and environmental con- tamination.




FOR ALL SHAFT SIZES "Air Seal" design permits complete change of packing without dry docking.



Fig. 1786 I.R. (most popular)

Air-Water-Grease Service

Fig. 1787 I.R.

Air-Grease Service

Fig. 1788 I.R.

Air-Water Service

Fig. 1789 (conventional design)

Water Service Only



U.S. Patent

No. 3,470,843.

Foreign Patents granted and pending.

Features greatly improved shaft stability and water lubrica- tion at increased unit loads. The Torque Journal Hub

Propeller eliminates the serious problem of bent tailshafts prevalent in work boat class vessels; and in vessels with 20 foot diameter propellers or larger, shaft deflection problems are eliminated. Propeller hub (conventional tailshaft located in propeller hub is not required) "journals" the propeller within the aft strut on Johnson Demountable water lubricated bearings. The "Torque Journal Hub" design can accommodate 30 foot diameter propellers and larger without losing its performance advantages.

Features improved cool- ing design and simplicity of installation, reducing time and material costs.

Available in a variety of assemblies ranging from 4 tubes to 32 tubes in a single unit.

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

Completely Detailed Folders Are Available for the Products Described-Write for your copies.

Also write for information on Dock and Ship Rubber Bumpers. ohnson JOHNSON RUBBER COMPANY MARINE DIVISION

MIDDLEFIELD. OHIO 44062 U.S.A. • Area Code 216-632-2111 ®0URAMAX Reg. Tradename and Trademark. ®JOHNSON-Reg. Tradename. Trademark Applied For. SALES ENGINEERS LOCATED IN ALL MAJOR SHIPBUILDING PORTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD

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