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you don't have to be a radio operator to operate the

SL 0 mmum isk 1 CA-35MS |






Automatically card programmed for fre- quency and mode, it's as simple to use as a telephone. Offers 40 channels of simplex or half-duplex operation. Unique digital fre- quency synthesizer (patent pending) pro- vides assurance that you need never be off frequency again. Offers Vh part per million stability — on frequency the moment it is turned on.

YourCAl system carries a 3-year guarantee.

For the complete stoiy on this state-of-the-art single sideband, send for CAI's

Marine Communications


Communication Associates, Inc. 200 McKay Rd . Huntington Station, N. Y. 11746

Tel: 516-271-0800 TWX: 510-226-6998







Authorized Marine distributor for Westinghouse Turbine

Renewal Parts, Port Electric maintains a complete stock of replacement parts in its own warehouse for immediate delivery.

Authorized Marine Distributors for:

Westinghouse: Turbine, Controller and Motor Renewal Parts

Cutler-Hammer: Controller Parts

Clark: Controller Parts

Also available: Replacement Parts for Monitor. Reliance.

Crocker Wheeler, and others.


Turbine Division

OF PORT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORP. 155-157 Perry Street, New York, N. Y. 10014

Call (212) 255-4530


Colt Industries Desalting Unit

To Be Installed On Huge

New Jack-Up Type Drilling Rig

A sea water desalting unit designed and built by Colt Industries' Power Systems Division,

Beloit, Wis., is being installed on a new off- shore drilling rig. The announcement was made by F.J. Eubank, vice president and gen- eral manager of the Water and Waste Man- agement Operation.

The huge jack-up type drilling rig is now under construction and is designed for opera- tions in the North Sea. The unit is being built for Zapata North Sea, Inc., which is a subsidi- ary of Zapata Norness Incorporated of Hous- ton, Texas. This company operates many drill- ing units in various world locations.

In making the announcement, Mr. Eubank stated: "The Colt Industries desalting unit features simplicity of design and automatic op- eration resulting in minimum operating labor.

These features make the 15,000 gallon per day unit uniquely applicable for offshore equip- ment."

Designated as the Model 15VC1, the machine is an ambient temperature vapor-compression distillation desalter. It is completely packaged with only electric power needed to start oper- ation. Because of low operating temperatures, corrosion and scaling are virtually eliminated.

The compact unit is skid mounted, factory as- sembled and weighs less than 15 tons.

Aboard the new Zapata drill rig, the equip- ment will produce potable water for the crew of about 70 and will also supply enough fresh water, when required, for actual drilling oper- ations. The product water is of high quality, with dissolved solids concentration in a range suitable for nearly all industrial and commer- cial uses as well as for human consumption. "We at Colt Industries are heavily engaged in research and manufacturing of marine water processing and pollution control equipment,"

Mr. Eubank commented. "Our sewage treat- ment plants are designed for military and com- mercial vessels and our desalting plants are producing fresh water in dry areas of the world."

Colt Industries also produces the world- famous Fairbanks Morse, opposed piston die- sel engine, which has powered submarine and surface vessels for many years on the world's seaways.

TAUBLER-DESIGNED: Delivered recently to the Monrovia

Port Management Company, Ltd., Monrovia, Liberia, was the new pilot boat Maryland, which was built by

James & Stone (Brightlingsea) Ltd., Colchester, Essex,

England. The new vessel has a length overall of 40 feet 6 inches, a beam of 1 2 feet 3 inches, and a loaded draft of about 4 feet. The boat is powered by two

Caterpillar model D333 diesel engines developing 190 bhp each. The hull and superstructure is of welded steel construction. A heavy duty rubber guard is fitted around the entire periphery of the main deck. Equipment includes a recording echo sounder, Marconi SSB radio,

Johnson Messenger radio set, a V.H.F. radio set and lifesaving outfit. The vessel was designed by Richard R.

Taubler, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., firm of naval architects. where in the world can you find the world's most capable shipyards? f here

Terrin Shipyard -, (Ste. Provencale i 2,000 men per day

Telex No. 84241710

Marseille des Ateliers Terrin)

Ten drydocks to 215,000

DWT capacity

Telephone No. 50 29 55

Beliard Murdoch S.A. - Antwerp 2,000 men per day Twelve docks to 90,000 DWT

Telex No. 84631216 Telephone No. 31 36 00

Beliard, Crighton & Cie - Dunkirk 900 men per day Two drydocks to 60,000 DWT

Telex No. 84282091 Telephone No. 66 48 00

United States and Canadian Representative *Hongkong & Whampoa Dock Co., Ltd. - Hong Kong 3,500 men per day Four graving docks to 36,000

Telex No. 7803547 DWT capacity

Telephone No. K624231

Caillard S.A. - Le Havre 900 men per day Four drydocks to 60,000 DWT

Telex No. 84219321 Telephone No. 48 12 17

Sandock Ltd. (South African National Dock) - Durban 700 men per day Two docks to 60,000 DWT

Telex No. 96067023 Telephone No. 357104

Robert M. Catharine 11 Broadway, New York, N.Y. Telephones (212) 944-6050 ... 943-7050

ITT Telex: 423175 W.U.I. Telex: 62685 *As Sub - Agents for United States Navigation Co., Inc. 17 Battery Place, N.Y.C. 32 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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