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PACECO Introduces 'Buckets On Rope'

For Bulk Unloading

The Catenary Bulk Unloader can be di- rected into corners of the hold to perform the final cleanup without mechanical as- sistance.

A giant step forward has been taken in the design of equipment for unloading bulk materials from the hold of a ship. The Catenary

Bulk Unloader being introduced by

PACECO, a division of Fruehauf

Corporation, employs a continuous train of buckets which can unload dry bulk materials at a constant rate of production, regardless of the depth at which it works.

The principle of this new design concept is a catenary loop of steel buckets, connected by wire rope that is driven at high speed over special sprockets. Each bucket in the moving train digs and fills com- pletely with material, then lifts and dumps the material onto a con- veyor in an endless cycle. Thus the rate of production never varies, no matter how deep in the hold the

Catenary Bulk Unloader must op- erate.

Unloading efficiency of this new equipment is further increased by a special hinged boom which guides the bucket train into wing areas of the ship inaccessible with conventional bucket unloaders.

PACECO's Catenary Bulk Unload- er is able to perform the final clean- up job without other mechanical assistance, because the buckets can be directed into corners of the hold. "This is an entirely new concept in bulk unloading," said J.P. Tep- ley, general manager of PACECO's

Bulk Systems Division. "Not only will the new Unloader provide faster, more efficient production, but it is completely portable. Be- cause of its design simplicity and lightweight construction," he ex- plained, "the Catenary Bulk Un- loader can be moved easily to any dock location where it is needed."

It operates from a PACECO Por- tainer, or any mobile crane, Mr.

Tepley explained.

The new PACECO equipment is versatile too. A variety of dry, bulk materials can be unloaded with the

Catenary Bulk Unloader, among them being grains, sand, ammoni- um sulphate, rock phosphate, and cement. The tons per hour which can be unloaded by the bucket train are determined by the bucket size which a customer orders. To meet the differing needs, PACECO is building six bucket sizes rang- ing from 10 inches in diameter, with a rated capacity of 171 tons per hour, up to 36-inch diameter buckets which give the Unloader a rated capacity of 1,500 tons per hour.

The operating principle of the

Catenary Bulk Unloader is unique.

Special patented sprockets have been designed to provide smooth movement of the catenary loop of buckets, whether the buckets are full or empty. The drive sprocket, which is in the form of a large wheel, has alternate sets of drive- and-guide rollers and support roll- ers. Similar support rollers for the buckets are found on the Idler sprockets, and there are special four-roller guides between the buckets.

The design simplicity of the bucket and rope sections is anoth- er feature of the Catenary Bulk

Unloader. Each section is quick- coupled making the bucket train easy to lengthen or shorten. This quick-coupling feature also mini- mizes operating procedure and aids in maintenance of the equipment.

PACECO will manufacture and sell the new equipment through its headquarters office in Alameda,

Calif., as well as through PACECO licensees on five continents.



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