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KEY engineering

Where have all the workers gone?

We build equipment that will make your sandblaster the loneliest man in your plant.

And maybe the most productive.

By providing him with the abrasive capacity and a key "dead-man" remote control.

All he needs to do is press a switch to become a profit producer.

Key Engineering builds blasting units which range from one to one hundred ton capacity — and operate as many as twelve individual blasters.

Each blasting hose is completely independent and equipped with a

Key "dead-man" remote control.

The fastest acting, most positive and dependable "dead-man" control available. No more waiting for the rigger and crane operator to bring him abrasives midway through the morning, or for a pot tender to start or stop him, or for the maintenance crew to repair his equipment.

Key provides engineered production and dependability along with the facilities and experience to custom build equipment for your particular requirements.

Our vacuum recovery systems are designed to remove spent abrasives and debris from the compartments and tanks of the largest tankers — efficiently and economically.

With a minimum of labor, maintenance and set up time.

If you don't mind your sandblasters being a little lonely, write or call our Houston, Texas office for additional information.

Or for a demonstration.

Incidentally, we have also engineered an entirely different concept in shot blasting facilities for manually blasting large sections of pre-assembled vessels in shipyards. 7-ton capacity Blaster operates two blasters. Unit is with optional pneumatic loading connection.

Vacuum Unit Model VR-5600 for removing spent abrasives from tanks.

AVONDALE SHIPYARD 12502 Woodthorpe Lane Houston, Texas 77024

Telephone 713/465-6245

Two 40-ton capacity KEY Blast Units modified for barge mounting. Capacity to operate 12 individual blasters for harbor or offshore work.

J. RAY McDERMOTT 22-ton capacity Key Blaster operates 6 blasters.

Designed to sit on the deck of a ship for interi- or blasting. SUN SHIPBUILDING

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